M2006 Online Bill Pay: Bank of America (CA) and ETrade Bank


Sid Joyner

Does anyone know if the online bill pay service from either Bank of America
(California) or ETrade Bank is available and can be integrated with Money
2006? I have not seen it as an available service when I update the account
services for these financial institutions, but maybe I'm doing something

I've given up on MSN Bill Pay. I'm paying $5.95/mo for something that hasn't
worked from within Money since 2004 for me. I use it to draw from my Bank of
America checking account. When I set up the MSN Bill Pay service, it creates
a second Bank of America - #2 checking account from within Money. However, I
can't merge the two B of A accounts without losing all my transaction in my
B of A account from before I started using MSN Bill Pay. (Just wrong...)

So, anyone get B of A (CA) or ETrade online bill pay to work from within
Money 2006? Thanks in advance.




Bank of America only support Quicken direct download and billpay.
Etrade does not support direct download or billpay for either.



Art McClinton

You are only talking about Bank of America in CA, WA and ID. Most of
Bank of America now supports direct download and Bill pay to Money.

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