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Discussion in 'Peachtree Accounting' started by Claude S. Sutton, Jr, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Peachtree Complete 2005.

    Can't mail merge.

    "Help" tells how to do it, but all buttons are grayed out.

    I have never used this feature, but now I have a need for it.

    I have a word processor that will mail merge, but I don't think there is any way
    to transfer my customer and vendor information from PT to it.

    Any hope?


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    Claude S. Sutton, Jr, Jul 3, 2010
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  2. Claude S. Sutton, Jr

    addy digit

    Oct 7, 2010
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    I am not shower but how much i know i tell you hope its works If you are using Word 2003 or newer, it is in Tools>Letters and Mailings, but you have to sign up for a online mailing in order to pay .... thanks
    addy digit, Oct 7, 2010
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