UK Major Help Needed Boss Won't Sign Off ACA

Jul 4, 2013
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Hey all,

I joined the british civil service in 2010 as there where no other jobs about...

I studied with them for my 3 year training contract and passed every exam first time...

I left when my training contract was up because I couldn't take my boss anymore...

He refused to allow me to take my final exams in the July 2012 period because it was "inconvenient" even though I asked to do it because my son was due and wanted them done before he came... instead he gave me the "opportunity" to do them in the July 2013 period... 4 months after the training contract was completed...

I complained and got them brought forward... passed everything first time, did my 3 years and 450 days... now my boss is refusing to sign them off and my line manager is saying I shouldn't have expected to have them automatically signed off and threatening to state that I haven't got the experience.

The ICAEW are stating that it is an employer dispute and nothing todo with them... any other advice?



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Aug 26, 2011
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Really sorry to hear about your situation, sounds like a nightmare for you! Have you checked the terms of your contract? I'm not too familiar with the legal obligations, but if there is a term in your contract stating that the employer is required to sign off your experience then they are bound by those terms. Might be worth speaking to a legal advisor on this one - preferably someone specialising in employment law.

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