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Let's set the background first: I'm a new MS Accounting 2008 user with a new
small business just started. I have little knowledge of accounting but
thought MS Accounting would make it easier - so far, not by a mile.

I started with an initial balance in a checking account and entered that
into the program. I now want to add more seeding funds to that checking
account and made a deposit to the bank. This money is not coming from any
customers or have any invoices associated with it; it's business funding.
Wanting to keep MS Accounting updated, I selected "Make Deposit" from the
Banking view. I entered the amount and selected my checking account in the
"Deposit In" field. However, I can't find a record of that entry and the
balance is still the old one.

Is there a view where I can see ALL the transactions: deposits, purchases,
payments, etc? At the very least, where in the world is my deposit and why
doesn't it show on my current balance?





Question: what did you enter in the line in the grid of the Make Deposit
form? I just tried the following and the entry showed up in the bank
register. I selected my checking account in the Deposit in field. In the
first available line in the grid I selected Financial Type in the Type
column, selected Owner's Equity in the Account column, entered the amount in
the Amount column and Saved.

Most of the information that you are requesting to see are on reports that
are available in OA 2008 Pro. Purchase reports by vendor or item/deposit and
payment reports.


There it is! Thanks Tom. I was wrongly selecting my checking account instead
of an equity one. I created a new equity account for this type of deposits
and it went through fine. Thanks much!




I was having exactly the same problem as JR and this solution worked for me
too. Thanks a lot.

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