Make assembly items inactive?



We have treated our reconditioned used bikes as assemblies
with labor & std items added to the serial bike item. I am
cleaning up our inventory list and can find no way of
making assemblies inactive when they are no longer
available. Is this because an assembly is rather like a
template where items are not committed until they are
sold. In this case meaning that deleting an assembly would
not loose the sales history of it's individual items.
Some please correct me if I am wrong. And, all things
considered, does it not seem that my used bikes would be
better handled as a "kit"? All clarifications welcome!




Glenn Adams

It looks like you've figured out how assemblies work...

The assembly itself is not really an item - it never shows up on a receipt,
and it is not recorded in your sales data. The Assembly is just used to
conveniently add the group of items it contains. SO, deleting an assembly
does not in any way affect your sales data.

Assemblies are not stored directly in the Item table (They are in ItemClass
and ItemClassComponent), so they don't have an "Inactive" field to set.

Kits and Assemblies are very similar. The biggest difference is when the
quantities of the component items are adjusted. With an assembly, the
components are counted as "On Hand" right up until the transaction is
tendered. The Assembly Item itself actually has no on-hand quantity. With a
Kit, the component items are taken out of on-hand inventory at the time the
Kit is "Built", and the kit does have an on-hand quantity. In the case of
used/repaired bikes, either works, but you are probably right that a Kit
makes more sense - not likely that you're going to take a brake cable off a
used bike and sell it as an individual item, right?

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