Mamut Response



Like many I am incensed by Microsoft / Mamut treatment of small businesses so
I send an email to their UKMD (Address at bottom of announcement )

Dear Brian,

We are a medium sized business and purchased Microsoft Accounting
Professional less than six months ago and implemented the package after a not
insignificant effort and selection.

Like many users of the product we were astonished by the arrogant manner in
which Microsoft have now treated its small business users.

I initially welcomed the ‘Free’ upgrade to the Mamut product however on
close examination the offer is adding insult to injury.

I can cope with the £114 ‘free’ support fee but expecting businesses to
convert by 25 December is unrealistic.

For many small businesses we are entering the busiest period of the year
with Christmas and Year End with the added complication of the VAT change.

This offer should be extended to allow companies like ourselves to
adequately assess the impact of the change of product.

As a £10m business our accounting needs are not simple. I am now forced
into reviewing a range of alternatives. Mamut / Microsoft are effectively
holding a gun to their customers’ heads which will rule out our use of
Mamut software in the future and taint my advice to other companies I help. "

And the response was a

"Thanks for your email. I am currently on vacation and will return to the
office on Monday 9 November."

Presumably the dust will have started to settle by then

As Tony Blair said "Things can only get better!"


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