Many questions little time!!!


Steve W

Hello all,

My sad situation goes as follows.
I have purchased a company that has gone bankrupt, with this
has come many issues concerning software and information that is much
needed. First off a little bakground. The company was running a server
with ACCPAC corprate server and then obviously client on all the
workstations. The first thing I did was looked at the server where ALL
the storage was all ACCPAC data files. The hard drive
crashed and I had to do a little data recovery. The passwords for
ACCPAC are not found in any documentation around the office or the
plant. The software has expired and has been expired for a long time
now with little to no updates done. The receivership company has taken
all hard copies as per the agreement between us and I need to access
all the accpac files to retrieve the info. I have tried to re -install
the software with activation codes provided to me to no avail. They
just aren't accepted(on a new server that I have built). I have
contacted ACCPAC and they have informed me that the penalties to renew
the subscription and continue on with the software I have will cost me
a laughable $24,000 and if I would like to start from sqaure one with
a new set of disks it will cost me $54,000. This is nor feasable nor
something that I am willing to partake in for reseaons I think you can
figure out from my tone! Now for the questions

1) Is there any program that I can use to view and print the info
within the ACCPAC data files as to keep my records intact.

2)I have seen a few mentions that the software actually marries the
password into the database files and will collapse them if the
password is incorect when trying to access them from other software

3) Any suggestions as to a software I can turn to that will give some
of the same aspects of ACCPAC? In terms of server client and same

If anyone can give me some insight into this I would greatly
appriciate it.



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