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As of 9/3/03 when I called Mas90 technical support, there is no
uninstall routine for Mas90 itself. There is an uninstall routine in
the Windows 2000, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs for the
workstation client. If you see that uninstall the client first. Then
to uninstall Mas90 itself just delete the C:\Program Files\Best folder
and delete the Start, Programs, Menu entry for Best Software, Inc and
all it's children. There are no registry entries made for Mas90
itself. The client does make registry entries and that is why there
is an uninstall routine for the workstation client only. I asked Pete
at Mas90 technical support to make an entry in the Mas90 knowledge
base with this information but just in case - here it is. Please post
your Mas90 support answers to help others and reduce calls & dollars
to Mas90 technical support. Thanks.


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