Matching Transfer transactions across 2 accounts


Neil Whitehead

This is probably a very stupid quetsion that's been
answered before...

I have a Current A/C & a Savings A/C. Both of these
accounts can have statements downloaded from a Bank web

I have set up a standing order to transfer funds from the
Current account to the Savings account on a regular basis -
and have created the proper instruction in the
Bills&Deposits Manager.

When I download statemenst for the Current account
everything works fine - the transfer OUT is correctly
matched against the transaction in Bills&Deposits, and an
equivalent entry is created in the account register for
the savings account.

However, when I download stements for the Savings account -
the information from my Bank uses a differnt transaction
description to record the transfer IN. The end result is
that I get two entries in the Account Register for the
Savings account - one as a result of Money matching the
transfer OUT, and another created by the import of the
Savings account statement.

Is there some way I can configure the Bills&Deposit
manager so that it will "match" the TransferOUT descriptor
on Current Account to the TransferIN descriptor on the
savings account?



Glyn Simpson, MVP

This is because the downloads come down as two separate transactions and are
not linked in any way (as far as the download protocol is concerned).

Speculating here but, matching (on both accounts) is problably done before
you accept the first transaction, but, as the transaction is already linked
from one account, it doesn't get linked on the other as the OFX is

You'll need to already have the transfer in the account register. The
technique you're describing is used in those accounts with 'sweeping' and
Money can't support those at the moment by matching against bills/deposits.

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