Merge 2 accounts



Would like to be able to merge my wife's checking account and my
account into one checking account.
We have moved all our financial checking accounts into one at our
bank, now would like to merge our activities into one account for
budget tracking.

We married a couple of years ago, now would like to be able to track
our budget in one account. Our accounts balance in MS Money, so
merging them seems like the thing to do.

Please advise how to do this.

Thank you



Dick Watson

So, you have two separate Money data files with multiple accounts in each
and you want to merge them into one file? Or you have one Money data file
with separate accounts?

In either case, it sound like you want to keep one real world account going
forward and get rid of another? If so, I'd not necessarily mess with
changing how you have things setup in Money at all. Just stop maintaining
one file/account and continue on with the other.

You can also see I'm not sure it will
meet the need you are describing; perhaps because I'm not clear on your

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