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I am trying to figure out how to merge my two company databases together in
Office Accounting 2008. We need all the customer info from company and get
it into another company file, can anyone help? Still learning and don't
understand the program yet. Thanks.




If you want to consolidate all cust/vend/etc(entities & attributes)...

Integrate MOA company1 to BCM -> to sync info
UnIntegrate company1 from BCM -> to sync info
Integrate MOA company2 to BCM -> to sync info
UnIntegrate company2 from BCM -> to sync info
Integrate MOA ConsolidatedCompany to BCM -> to sync info
UnIntegrate ConsolidatedCompany from BCM -> to sync info

With lucks, ConsolidatedCompany has all (non-duplicate) entities &
attributes, did I mention 'lucks' - I did :)

Please post your finding, maybe other also can benefit or don't bother
trying this long-winded way.

Transactions merging is not something you want the application to do it for
you (I sure don't), since end-result-books probably is not reconcillable and
underterministic. Just close the period and manual move those JEs over to
the consolidated company.


I tried your steps below, but it does not work. Can you please be more
detailed in how to accomplish, also take into consideration that company1 or
company2 might already be integrated with Business Contact Manager.




My temp email is in my profile. Please send me exactly what you have and
what is your goal.

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