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Shankar Krishnan

I have been using money since money 98 and My current version is 2003 Delux.
I have been creating seperate money files for each year. Is there a way
where I can consolidate all these seperate money files into one single huge
Money file, Since now I have a powerful machine.

Any ideas as to how I can achieve this. I have seperate files for 98, 99,
00, 01, 02 and now current one 03. I have been adding new accounts and loans
each year.





Dick Watson

This will *not* be easy but it may be do-able. Yours may be the best example
post for why some of us don't archive and don't recommend doing the file per
year bit, either. It's really easy to get rid of data later. It's a b***h
putting the pieces together later.

First, get all the legacy files upgraded to your current version. Then
you'll have to go the QIF Export/Import route. This involves exporting each
account for a given year's file then importing all of the accounts from a
given year into the latest file. You will have to figure out how to compute
the new effective beginning balance for accounts that span both files. If
you go successively backward (add 02 to the 03 file then add 01 and so on),
these SHOULD be the beginning balance from the year imported in each cycle.
If you haven't kept the same account names for the same accounts over time,
this will be a problem and you will need to rename accounts to match on one
side or the other before export/import. Multi-split (more than 8?)
transactions will be a problem. Loan accounts are not supported for QIF
export/import. Etc.

See also ***Whatever you do, make sure
that you have fallback copies of the file you like before any step involving
a QIF import.*** Personally, I'd probably keep copies of every intermediate
file before I imported the next chunk. You may have to take some of these
steps numerous times to work out all of the glitches.

QIF basically sucks. If Money and Quicken were not locked in a death
struggle, you'd like to think that they'd work out some standardized XML for
data interchange that learns from all of the problems that QIF has shown in
the many years since it was developed and mummified.

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