Merge two money files



I'm using Money 2004. When I set my files up in a
previous version, I set up two different files. Now in
2004 with online banking etc, it isn't as convienient to
keep two separate files. So--How do I merge them into one



Dick Watson

The FAQ:
Q): How do I move accounts from one Money file to another?

A): The only way to do this is File|Export and Import via QIF files. Beware
that duplicate account names ("Checking") in the exporting and importing
account will cause problems and one or the other account should be renamed
before you do the export/import. Also beware that transfers between accounts
to be moved will necessitate importing all interlinked QIF files
simultaneously. Finally, QIF export/import will NOT move things like bills
associated with the account or account detail information.

Because of all of these limitations, make sure to work in copies of the
target file before you get this all tuned to produce acceptable results.

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