Merged Companies



I recently merged my food distribution company with another company.
The new company isn't computerized and has a different fiscal year
end. What I would like to do is use the data files I already have in
the old company as the starting point for the new company.

My question is how to do this easily. In order to computerize the new
company's billing, I will need to set up the inventory for 1000's of
items. Over half of these are already in the existing company's
inventory database.

My company's fiscal year end ran Jan-Dec. The new company's runs

Ideally, I would like to have access to the old companies data. Makes
looking things up easier if I don't have to switch back and forth
between companies.

From what I have read I will need to set up a new company, then import
the data. Is this correct? What's the easiest way to do this?
Anything else I should watch for as I go through this?

Thanks ahead of time.




Ralph A. Jones

My question is how to do this easily.<<

Given the relative subjectivity of a term like "easily", I'm not certain
your question has an answer that will meet this criteria. Based on what
you have outlined, my personal rank-o-meter puts this somewhere around
"moderately difficult".

What has your lawyer or CPA advised you on, say, short tax years? What
about entity survival post merger? Who was the mergee and the mergor?
Is it your intention to "departmentalize" the revenue and expense of the
other "merged" company?

What version of Peachtree are you using? Based on the version, I think
you might get different answers to your question. Somebody using the
most current version might tell you something different than I would
based on the version I am using (v.6).

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