Merging Money Files


Harry Ziman

I have Money 2000 and need to combine two files. How do I go about it?

My computer hard disk failed in May and as a result I lost my Money file.
dating back to November and started using that, accepting that I had lost a
few months records. Subsequently I found a newer backup dated April. To
avoid having to re-enter a load of records I would like to combine the April
file with the new one I have been using. Is there a simple way to do this?
It would save a lot of work if there was.





Glyn Simpson, MVP

Not totally straightforward, as you're merging records from one into
another, where older records are still around.

However, here are a few things to think about/try

Perhaps try exporting the various accounts, remove the transactions that
would be duplicated and then import the non-duplicate records which are for
the period you want

Maybe create a report of all transactions that are missing, save to Excel
and use one of the excel->qif tools to turn it into QIF and re-import.

Think about manually entering them - this will depend on the account and the
quantity. You might actually find this quicker if you have a report of the
what you need to add and perhaps do an account at a time...


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