Merging Quicken file into Money "Register"


Harry Krause

I'm trying to switch from Quicken 2002 to Money 2005.

My existing check register in Quicken goes back two years.

I want to merge that file INTO my new Money Account Register file so
that when I start up Money, I have a continuous file that shows the
older stuff from Quicken and the new stuff from Money.

I cannot figure out how to do this.

Can someone provide a step-by-step?




Dick Watson

Nope it doesn't point you in the right direction?

QIF Export the account(s) in question from Quicken. Money File|Import is how
you bring data from the files that creates into Money. You have to bring all
related accounts in in one import. The Money dialog box will provide some
insight into how to accomplish this. Account names in the export file will
define the names of the accounts where the data will go in Money. Thus, if
you want to merge accounts, best to use the same names on both sides.

This is a non-standard operation. There are many variables and many possible
enhancements and pitfalls along the way. I do not run Quicken, much less a
specific version of Quicken, so cannot tell you what it's steps are to get
the data out.

Beyond this, it will be hard for anyone to help unless they show up at your
house and do it for you.



Cal Learner-- MVP

Make an extra copy of your Money file,in case you do not like the

In Quicken, export EACH Quicken account into a separate QIF file.
Start the filename of each investment account with an underscore.
That will cause Money to process them first when you import.

Then in Money do File->Import->RecoverAccounts, assuming there
is no overlap in the files. Money will not be checking for
duplicates when you choose RecoverAccounts.

To avoid transfers from turning into two separate transactions, it
is *important* to import the QIFs into the new file all at once.
This is done by selecting using Ctrl+<click> to highlight all of
the files you want included.

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