UK Microentity accounts example

Nov 30, 2021
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United Kingdom

I work for an IFRS global corporation in payroll, but my husband set up a small private limited business in the UK during the pandemic and he's due to submit his first set of statutory accounts and tax return soon. I should know how to prepare these, but it's so far from my day job I'm not sure where to start!

I can tell that he's classed as a micro entity so gets some exemptions, but I'm struggling to find a real life comparable example that I can look at to see exactly what other people have submitted to HMRC.
for example, should there be any notes to the accounts?

Also, is it possible to prepare my own ixbrl accounts, are they necessary for a microentity?

I'm feeling surprisingly out of my depth for what should probably be a very basic task!

Can anyone send me an example of microentity accounts from HMRC, or point me to some useful resources?

Many thanks!


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