Microsoft 2003 Losing Transactions


Roger Stenson

I have been a long term user of all versions of Money. I have taken recenlty
to updating my financial records less frequently. I use the automatic update
facility supplied by the RBS

When I return to the system to post new transactions Monthly or so, the
reconciled transactions from the previous month no longer balance to my
bank account. Usually I have to waste twenty minutes isolating where it went
out of balance and reposting one or two transactions to bring it back into
This happens virtually every month. Anyone experiencing anything similr

Roger Stenson



Bonnie Synhorst - MVP

I haven't exactly lost transactions, but I've noticed that if I don't pay
careful attention when I accept downloads, sometimes my transfers have been
matched to an older transaction. Once you've accepted that match,
essentially merging the transactions, the previous transaction becomes
'lost'. The window that Money matches transactions in is 60 days by
default. You may want to narrow this down a bit if you think this is what
may be happening. It's under Tools, Options, Online Services.

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