Microsoft ignoring rest of the world ...



Over 25 years in this industry and watching carefully as a new strategy seems
to be developing in Microsoft. The US gets newer and more feature-rich
software applications whilst the rest of the world is told "No Plans to
develop". For many clients, Money 2002 is the last stop for them as it was
the last version to include a UK-specific business element. All recent
versions have dumped the business side and not offered any migration path for
the poor fools who trusted MS with their money in the first place. Now we see
the same with Vista - US-centric programming with little or no support for
the rest of the world. With MS now pushing the Windows Mobile devices - it
would have helped if MS actually offered seemless integration between
platforms, but I doubt that they will and their record of listening to UK
requests is woefully inadequate.

I'm not an anti-MS person in the slightest, but I am deeply concerned that
MS is widening the gulf between software that is available for the US markets
and totally ignoring the rest of us.




Bob Peel, MVP

Money is/was a simple case of economics. Not enough people bought UK
versions of Money to justify the very sizeable cost of converting the US
product to work in the UK Market.

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