Microsoft Money in Australia - where to from here



Hi all,
Currently using the last version of Microsoft Money that was released in
Australia - v14 (2004?). Noticed that future versions are not available in
Australia. The seem to be some funny compatiblity issues since I have put it
on my Vista machine... it doesn't like it when other apps are open - doesn't
let me easily switch between apps. Anyway, not important.
I like to keep current with my software so would like to upgrade to a newer
version, happy to pay full price, but I REALLY need to retain access to my
historical data. Will I be able to purchase the US version and update my AU



Bob Peel,MVP

Have you followed the other posts - primarily from Cal Learner - that tell
you where your .mny & .mbf files must be? i.e. in the documents folder tree.
First time you run Money on a Vista machine you need to right click on the
Money icon and select Run as Administrator. N.B. this is a one time step.

There are no plans that we have been told about to produce non-US versions.
As you have worked out the current US version will not read a non-US file.
The only way is to export your current files accounts as QIF files and then
reimport them all at once (use CTRL + Click to select).

for a blog from someone who has done it.

NB The latest US version is only available on-line and you can't request a
CD as it won't accept a non-US address. So if you do download immediately
burn a CD and note the key. You may have to give a US address - try 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC! :)
Bob Peel,
Microsoft MVP - Money

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