microsoft money



I am trying to set it up with my new email address. I
have re-registered because i couldn't remember my old
password into net. passport. I am finding this program a
pain but would like to use it for my home finances.

How in the hell do i get it to start over?

Thank you. cheryl



Dick Watson

If you set a Passport on your Money file for Passport account
(e-mail address removed), forgot the password, and created a new Passport
account for (e-mail address removed), then you will not be able to get into
the Money file with (e-mail address removed).

You have two basic choices:

1a) (recommended) go to the site, go to member services,
and recover the password for (e-mail address removed) using the multi step
process they provide for this. You will have to be able to remember the
other information that you setup with the account, like the answers to the
magic questions. Once you have this done--and I ***think*** this is possible
even if you no longer have access to the old email address, though they can
tell you--go into the Money file. Personally, I'd remove the Passport prior
to the next step.
1b) Now that you can access the Passport, go back to
member services and change the username (email address) for the passport
with user name (e-mail address removed) to (e-mail address removed).

2) Open the Money sample file and, from there, go to File|New and start all

Putting a password/Passport on your data file is not a good idea unless you
are a **whole lot** more likely to know the password than whoever you are
protecting the file from is likely to be able to guess it.

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