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Jason King

This is my first post - please be gentle.

I'm using MS money 2002. I am getting the following message:

Urgent Customer Care Alert - Final Notice
This Customer Care Alert affects Microsoft Money files which use microsift
Passport (aka Windows Live ID), for file access authentication.

Click the "Learn More" button to read information on changes that will
affect your ability to sing-in your Microsoft Passport beginning July 31st
2008, and for directions on how to configurte Money.

We reccommend that you upgrade to a new version of Money that uses a more
current method of sign-in verification. If you would like to stay with your
current version of Money, you need to remove the use of Passport from your
Money sign-in."

After clicking the "Learn More" button I'm none the wiser!

Can someone please explain what this is and what I need to do?


Jason King



Dick Watson

Do you have to enter a password when opening your Money data file?

If not, don't worry about the message.

If so, there are two kinds of password authentication schemes used by Money.
One is just a local password. If that's what you have, don't worry about the

If you use a password that has an account name, this name is a name in
Microsoft's Passport/WinLive ID system. In this case, since Microsoft is
moving on with the underlying technologies and interfaces, you will have to

a) do what it says and remove the password association (File|Password
Manager or File|Login Lockbox or any of several other names over time and I
don't remeber which in M02 off the top of my head.)

or b) upgrade to a newer version of Money to continue to be able to use
Passport/WinLive ID authentication on access to your Money data file.

The newest version is MoneyPlus Deluxe or higher. (A time limited trial
version is available at Do not get snookered
into trying/buying Money Essentials (MEss) as it WILL NOT work for upgrading
your existing data file and won't do most of the stuff you are used to Money
being able to do.

Maybe that helps??!?

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