Australia Microsoft's ERP universe guide needed


Nov 20, 2018
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I am been bombarded by companies wanting to flog me accounting packages with the term ERP now been the buzz word. Anyway, Micrsoft's universe is highly confusing, and in Australia ringing Microsoft results been referred to an Indian call centre, so you can imagine who useful that is.

We are a mid size company looking at around twenty to thirty users with multiple locations/branches and companies. I am familiar with Navision and Great Plains which Microsoft brought out. Heard of AX. New kid on the block is WIISE, which appart from proving marketers cannot spell I have no great idea on what it is. Now Microsoft have decided that Dynamics 365 is such a wonderful catch phrase that it uses it for just about everything and then starts calling things Dynamic 365 Premium which exactly means what?

So some Hitchhikers Guide to Microsoft Accounting universe is what I am after to get a feel where our companies needs might fit in the pecking order.

Any brave souls out there?


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