mid caps



I rarely see much published about mid cap mutual funds (such as Vanguard mid
index fund) s and their role (if any, to what % extent) in one's portfolio.

Would like to hear some thoughts please.





I am young and am 100% invested in stocks. I like simple measurement
tools, so the way I do this is:

whatever my weighting in large cap stocks, I must have an equal
weighting in small caps. I will hold mid caps as well, and this will
be slightly under the weighting of the large caps. I hold
international to same level as mid caps.

so 30% large cap, 30% small cap, 20% international, 20% mid cap.

in my 401k my contributions are aligned with this; I contribute 15% to
S&P 500 index fund and 15% to Windsor II. The 30% small cap is divided
into Royce Total return and Vanguard Explorer. The mid cap is in the
extend market index fund and international is Vanguards International
Value fund.

should be noted these choices are because that is what is available in
401k, I prefer to avoid index funds if better choices are available.

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