Missed Item



In the state of PA for a C&, if an item was missed placing it on the
schedule of debts. Can it still be considered discharged by providing a copy
of the discharge papers?



Robert Stumpf

Probably so. PA is part of the Third Circuit, which I believe has held that
even unscheduled debts are discharged in BK...if you didn't list it
originally on your Schedule F, you are probably okay.

If you are really concerned about it, of course, ask your lawyer.


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Lise Michaels

How does one find out if another state in another circuit (e.g, Iowa,
in the 8th circuit) ALSO has that policy?

I wondered, specifically because you always hear about someone filing
a petition, then two days later a "new" creditor pops up, like a debt
was sold to a collection agency. Does this mean you have to
continually file new matrixes and Schedule F's, whenever one pops up,
or what??

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