Missing sale transactions

Jan 13, 2017
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Hello everyone, in January of 2016 we startrd using quicbooks. I am trying to reconcile the account,but I'm running into an issue.

Our bank for January has far more credit transactions then what is listed in quickooks. This is due to the fact that a lot of January's deposits were invoices from 2015 that were never created since we just started using it. . So I have a multi part question.

First, when documenting payments, should the pay day be the date that the check was wrote out, or the day the check was received and processed?

Second, if the paid date is marked as the day received and processed what should be done with checks that were dated for say December 2015, but received and deposited in January 2016?

Third, since a large number of invoices were missing for payments in January 2016, how do I make up for this in quickbooks? Should I just add in the different between the bank deposit and quickbooks with one sale transaction, or should I just accept the reconcile and let it adjust the balance?

Thanks in advance!

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