MOA 2009 does not work with Office 2010 RTM

Discussion in 'Microsoft Accounting' started by Bob, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Bob

    Bob Guest

    For those considering upgrading to Office 2010 be warned. As has been the
    case throughout the beta testing of Office 2010, and even now that it's RTM,
    the official release version still crashes with MOA 2009 whenever you try to
    do anything that generates email, MS Word, of PDF based invoices.

    I reported these bugs to MS, and requests were also made for a compatibility
    statement from MS but none was forthcoming. In any event, if you plan to use
    MOA for the forseeable future, you will not be able to run it with MS Office
    2010 and retain basic invoicing functionality. I can't say whether the
    breakage is limited to this part of the program - I suspect there are other
    things that don't work too. Also, if you try to repair the situation by
    uninstalling Office 2010 and re-installing Office 2007, your version of MOA
    2009 will still be broken and will require some manual registry and DLL
    re-registration invervention to get the functionality back.

    (Now where is that 800 number for Intuit? ;-) )
    Bob, Apr 25, 2010
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  2. Bob

    bobq Guest

    I've been running MOA 2009 with the public beta of Office 10 with no
    problems. Windows 7.
    bobq, Apr 26, 2010
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  3. Bob

    rodwhiteley Guest

    My experience, alas is similar to the original post.
    The office machine here at my wife's small business was groaning to a halt
    after 3 years of MS patches and the like, and so I thought that instead of
    uninstalling and reinstalling back to XPPro and Office 2003, I might as well
    upgrade everything which meant Windows 7 Ultimate and Office 2010.
    On reinstalling MOA 2009, and service packs 1, 2, and 3, I can not for the
    life of me get MOA to default to my customised templates. I can "Export to
    Word", and Modify under "Manage Word Templates" and any modifications I make
    seem persistent, but when I click either print or print preview from MOA, the
    template it uses is not one of the ones in the list. I've literally spent
    hours looking for this template to modify, but suspect it must be hard coded,
    and MOA is ignoring the list of templates now.
    I also wonder if the error is in word 2010's handling of XML markups and
    fields as when I open the document templates in word, it will disable the
    fields and turn them into text (e.g. '[Text 5]' or ['Customer Name]') rather
    than showing the fields with the odd pink field markers around the field
    names. I've mucked about after enabling the developer tab in attempting to
    get the XML Schema attached and linked, but the closest I get is a message
    telling me that the "XML Expansion Pack is invalid"
    I'd really like to know either a fix, or the best recommendation for the
    software I could upgrade to taking my data and templates with me.
    Thanks for any help,
    rodwhiteley, May 12, 2010
  4. Bob

    RK Guest

    I am having the same problem with MS Office and MOA 2009. The problem is with
    customised templates and xml tags. MS was taken to court over this issue and
    lost. But that still does not resolve my problem with the now totally useless
    version of both MS office 2010 and MOA 2009. It would have been helpful if at
    the point of installation of office 2010 it recognized that we have MOA 2009
    installed and warned us of the issues and gave us choice if we want to
    continue. But no MS does not believe in giving choices. MS office costs
    nearly the same as computer. If I purchased goods from a store that costs
    nearly £500.00 and it does not work or they failed to inform the customer of
    its limited usage - I would be entitled to full refund. MS seems to be
    accountable to big firms when they take them to the courts but they have no
    accountability to its users.
    RK, Jul 19, 2010
  5. The following was posted by a previous poster and may be of value to

    The one issue that we encountered is that since MS lost the i4i patent
    lawsuit regarding Custom XML, your templates will not work if they've
    been modified and saved in Word 2007/2010 format. Re-save your
    templates in Word 97-2003 format (*.doc) for them to work.
    Ron Rosenfeld, Jul 19, 2010
  6. Bob

    BD9000 Guest

    I think the problem is with Office 2010 and it's vast array of ridiculous
    bugs (maybe the Vista team was re-assigned there :).
    Too bad MS dumped MOA altogether. I now have a lot of clients that are
    fuming over this whole debacle - they like Office2010, but it rendered MOA
    The only answer is to eliminate the thousands of invested dollars on MOA
    (many had developers customizing MOA) and purchase yet another accounting
    system package or run Office 2007 until the end of time.
    Why not put MOA up for sale? Or go Open Source (DotNet). Let the smarter &
    more creative, independent developers take this over and blow the socks off
    Intuit - It would be nice to see that happen. MS needs to ditch the excess
    marketers, MBAs and lawyers and start getting serious lest they be wiped out
    by competition (they are not invulnerable - look at IBM).
    R.I.P. MOA (a good product and would have conquered Intuit had they just
    kept it going - MOA just had some growing pains, but, being bases on DotNet
    and SQL, it would have squashed these other proprietary, expensive and
    difficult to program accounting packages elsewhere).
    There is no solution to this problem folks. Sorry.
    BD9000, Sep 7, 2010
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