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Pam Ammond Pierce

In the help screens it says that credit memos may be used for journal entries
and checks. But it doesn't exactly explain how, or in what circumstances
you'd want to use them.

I tried right clicking on an existing journal entry thinking it might allow
me to create a credit memo, but that didn't work. My best guess is that you
would have to create a credit memo and then choose a line item of Account to
do a credit memo for either a check or journal entry. Is that what the
documentation means?

How would YOU use a credit memo for a journal entry?

And how would YOU use a credit memo for a check?

And then a related question, once you do a credit memo for a journal entry
or check, then how do you relate it back to the specific check or journal
entry unless you do it in a comment or memo field.

I read it in the help screen manual, but I don't quite understand how credit
memos fit in with journal entries or checks. (And yes, Allen, I'm totally
open to hearing how Quickbooks does credit memos for journal entries and
checks if that will help me understand what's going on in MOA2007.)

Thanks in advance,

Pam Pierce


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