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Dick Adams

MTM was down a few days last week for interior household
construction. There may be a day in the next few weeks
when this might happen again so that there can be a massive
cleanup of the basement because it is now very dusty down

I had surgery in January to remove the arthitic tip of my
right collar bone and repair a tear in the labrum on my
right shoulder. Unfortunately I will have to have another
surgery on my back in March. The good news is that the back
surgery has no physical down time other than an overnight
stay in the hospital. Yes, my body is falling apart and,
thank God, I have terrific medical insurance.

Also while awaiting surgery, I will be on heavy duty pain
killers again. This means I may make some mistakes in
deleting nonsense (as I did this week). Hopefully NOT.

Over 50 years ago I saw a sign in a restroom; it read:
Please do not throw your cigarette butts in the urinal.
It makes them wet and hard to light.

That is how I feel about top-posting. My software chokes
on top-posted submissions. SO PLEASE DO NOT TOP-POST!


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