Modification to Sales Receipt



Hello and Happy Holidays to all,

I need assistance with one modification on the receipt.

The current receipt format, only flags an item if it is taxable which
outputs 'V' if true or 'N' if false.

Sample script from attached file:

<SET name="Taxable" custom="true"
description="Taxable" type="vbString"> "V" </SET>
<SET name="Taxable" custom="true"
description="Taxable" type="vbString"> "N" </SET>

What I would like is to flag all items on the invoice based on their
Item.TaxID to Display " V" or " Z" or "E" or "N" as follows:

V - item is subject to 15% VAT - Item.TaxID =1
Z - item is subject to 0% VAT - Item.TaxID =3
E - item is exempt from VAT - Item.TaxID =4
N - sales tax not assigned - Item.TaxID =0

Can anyone assist?



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