Money 06 Budget issues and questions... I'm new and lost here.


Patrick Aikens

I've been trying to set up the budget features of Money '06 using the
Advanced budget. I started using Money 06 this month with a new data
file, and downloaded transactions from my FIs back to the first of the
year. I've been seeing weird issues...

For my mortgage payment... it's set up as a recurring bill that happens
monthly on the 5th of each month. However, in the budget for Feb. it
shows that there's nothing budgeted for it (and thus, I'm over budget).
For March, the budgeted amount for mortgage is double.

I have a weekly expense on Sunday... February's budget doesn't show an
even dollar amount in the budget. I'd expect it to be 4x(weekly dollar
amount) just like every other month with 4 Sundays - it seems to be
prorated somehow which is wrong. March shows the expected value in it's

I have one other bill related question... when I pay a bill using my FIs
web-based bill payment service, do I need to tell Money somehow that the
downloaded transaction is actually a scheduled bill payment? I've used
Quicken in the past, and it would (usually) catch those downloaded
transactions and ask if it corresponded to the scheduled bill payment.
For the couple I've done this month, I've just told Money to "Skip"
those payments and I'm not sure what the ramifications of that are.

Thanks for any info...


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