Money 2001 - Non Default Currencies and Statement Downloads

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Lew & Leanne Kenah

I have recently moved to Papua New Guinea and have set up my local accounts
Import Completed

Your file import was completed, but 1 item could not be processed...

File import

X Your statement contained a default currency (PGK) which was unrelated to
the currency of the account "Westpac PNG Cheque". Money does not support
statements containing unrelated default currencies.

I was dowloading the file in OFX format. QIF files work fine. I have
changed my PNG account to the local currency and made it the default
currency but still no luck. Can money only recognise currencies that it
comes with originally and not ones that get added by the user? Is there any
fix for this?

Many thanks

Lew Kenah
Papua New Guinea


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