Money 2002 Cash Flow Forecast


Jon Ulmer

I am having trouble with the cash flow forecast
disappearing and going to zero where it appears on the
Home Page and it will not let me access it from the
Acounts & Bills menu. I have tried the fix described
here -, blaming a
corrupt Bills & Deposits entry. However after great pains
reinstating my file I have discovered the error occurs
when I make changes to the Cash Flow Forecast page. Of
course I have no way of changing it back because I can't
get Money to open the Cash Flow Forecast page!
I have a backup to take me back to where I need to be but
I want to use this function.
Any ideas???



Glyn Simpson, MVP

You could try restoring the backup, running a repair on the file and trying
the cash flow forecast again.

Perhaps it is a particular account which is the issue, in which case there
may be a transaction that has somehow got corrupted which causes the cash
flow to fail.

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