Money 2003 and nationwide Background Banking



Hi all,

I recently opened an account at Nationwide to make use of their background
banking support for MS Money. Everything is set up at their end and i have to
configure MS Money to utilise theire services now.

I am having the following problem:
When i go to "set up online services" and select "Nationwide Building
Society" and click the next button, it goes away saying "money is downloading
info....." and then a second later comes back with an error "Money cannot
complete a required online call at this time. Please check your internet
connection settings and try again"

I have tried playing around with internet settings but I'm not sure why this
is coming up cos my internet connection settings seem fine - i am able to
download updates and investment price data in MS Money fine - just unable to
preceed to set up Background Banking.

Any one pls shed some light on how i can get this to work.

Kind regards



Andrew ward

Hi - I was having problems too with downloading the information - but
different to you. For your problem, it might be worthwhile switching off
online banking, and then restarting it. That did work for me. If like me you
are unable to restart background banking - then uninstall Money 2003, and
reinstall it. You should then be able to connect with Nationwide.

My problem was that transactions downloaded - but they weren't visible in
the accounts with the "E" indicator, and I had to run the repair tool each
time to see the transactions.
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money\System\Msmoney.exe" -s
I checked if the same was happening with Money 2004 or Money 2005 (thank
heavens for the free month trial!) and neither had the same problems.



Steve Barber

I've just had the exact same problem - As the last post said Uninstall and
then reinstall, it solved it for me.

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