Money 2004: can't edit Bills & Deposits entries


Mark Hiseman

I have Money 2004.

I have a number of auto-enter entries under the Bills & Deposits
screen, but I can't edit them.

I can open the edit screen for each entry, and do the edits (e.g.
change the direct debit amount), but when I press OK to enter the
change, Money just sits there. The only way out of the screen is to
press Cancel, which of course loses my edits.

The only workaround I have is to enter a new Bill/Deposit (and delete
the old one) every time one of my regular payments changes.

This is happening on both the Money files I maintain (different
people). I have run the repair tools, but no joy.

I've checked the FAQ but haven't found any answers. Has anyone else
had this problem? Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks,




Glyn Simpson, MVP

Can you delete the entries at all? If they are ones which have a certain
number of entries before they finish, then you could try and enter all of
the instances and see whether that deletes them, to allow you to recreate
them. If they're all for the same account, then you might be able to export
the account, then delete it and see whether you can do anythign with the

It's worth trying all this in a copy of your main file - and running the
standard file repair at every stage of the above is also worthwhile

Glyn Simpson, Microsoft MVP - Money

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Mark Hiseman

Thanks for your reply Glyn.

Yes, I can delete the problem entries: that's my workaround (delete
and recreate). However, the recreated entries exhibit the same
problem (can't edit them).



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