Money 2004 Deluxe bugs




I recently purchased Money 2004 using the upgrade from
the trial. After doing that upgrade, all of my
investment sells were marked as "payments" instead
of "deposits" in my cash transactions. I was able to fix
this by deleting and re-adding my sells and all worked

At the same time, my tax estimates are missing all of my
dividends from this year, making my estimated refund much
higher than what it should be. Also, in reports about
dividends, these are listed as negative income, which
obviously is not the case.

Also, none of the sounds work at all.

I've tried to get onto product support, but I don't think
it's ready for 2004 yet online as it doesn't accept my
PID. Any word from Microsoft (or others if they know the
answers) would be appreciated.




Dick Watson

I've not read any previous reports here about the investment sell and
dividend vs. tax estimator problems.

For people who upgrade the trial to the full version online--as opposed to
buying the CD, which I would have recommended if you'd asked--there is a
download available at

You might try calling support to work around the PID problem.

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