Money 2004 - What are the little flags and symbols ?



Money 2004 - Does anyone know what the following "flags" displayed in
the program are ??

1) Within the drop down list of all my accounts, one of them ( set up
us a normal Bank Account ) has a lillte icon to the left of it it is a
small white square with a blue zig-zag line, like a mirror image of the
letter "Z" - What is it ?? How would I change or remove it ?? Would I
want to do that ?? !

2) In the Account Screen for one of my accounts there are 2 columns on
the left - the first is the flag column for flagging transactions for
follow up, the second column has a red Exclamation Mark ( ! ) at the
head of the column - What is it etc ?

Many Thanks,




Dick Watson

Beware that the page referenced in the uFAQ on the Microsoft site has been


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