Money 2005 abandoned



I'm done with Money 2005. The sync with msn never worked
correctly. After specifically setting money to not
auto-reconcile on bank download, money auto-reconciled.
When money didn't guesstimate the number of share on a
month purchase of a stock, I'd had enough.

This is suppose to make money management easier. Frankly,
Quicken 2004 and 2005 is far easier than this. It took me
2+ hours to get manually enter my transactions in quicken
and ensure it was whole. Time well spent.

I was willing to try Money and now I know - it can't carry
Quicken's lunch.

By the way, in Quicken 2005, they did do away with QIF
support, but I checked my banks and they didn't use it.
Even if they did, I still would have returned.

Best of luck to you all who stick with Money 2005.


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