Money 2005 launches for a few seconds, then closes



Money 2005 launches for a few seconds, then closes itself immediately.

I have been a satisfied user of MS Money from version 99 to 04. Never had
a problem with MS Money.

However, I recently upgraded to MS Money 2005, with no problems, until a
later patch from Microsoft for MS Money 2005 was downloaded and installed.

The patch evidently was so aggressive, that it required a conversion of my
existing money file. My converted money file worked okay for the past month
or so, but now Money 2005 is unable to stay running for more than a second.

I restored a backup money file, archived (deleted) threes years of data, and
the problem disappeared for awhile; then, the same problem starting happening
again, practically overnight. My money file is about 8 meg now, but it was
never more than 12 meg.

I even tried using a "repaired" version of my money file, but the repair log
did not indicate anything wrong, and the problem remains.

What the heck did Microsoft do to MS Money 2005 to cause me this huge

My System:
Windows XP Home (Service Pack 2)
AMD Athlon XP +1600
512 MB DDR Ram





I am having the EXACT problem. I am also a long time LISCENSED user of this
program (5 yrs). I have tied everything including restore from an older file
(last month), playing catch up by spending 5 hours reimporting and rekeying
(I track everything with Money), and then I get the same problem.

I am going to wait one week to see if anyone gives me any input on how to
fix this problem. Then this liscensed for 5 years user (at 80 bucks a year *
5 years) will go but Quicken and use that instead forever never to return to
Money. This has to be a bug that they have to know about. Please someone from
Microsoft contact me to fix this.

I noticed some real weird stuff. Like when I run the salvage utility the
file INCREASES by 5 MB. I even tried archiving old data (everything older
than Jan 1 2004, and the file got bigger (by 2MB-Should'nt it get smaller?).
I am an IT guy, no spyware, all Win2K patched kept up to date on machine. I
even tried another machine and got the same results. My file sizes range from
10 to 18MB (depending on acrhiving and salvaging). I get no error messages
anywhere that I can see. Just Money shuts down after I get a glimpse of my

Last chance before I move it all to Quicken! If I have to start over, I will
not do it with this product unless I get some help.





I hope this helps you. It did me. Pls read below.

My problem (and I bet many others) is that the Investment Perf Module (which
I bet has a bug in it) that I used on my Homepage, crashed Money. I followed
Marks instructions below and I can get in, I just cannot see the Investment
Perf Module on my home page (big deal)

With help from a guy named Mark on another message, I can get into my file.
Here is what Mark told me to do and it worked:

Open up the sample.mny file (or create a new file), change the Settings to
that Money does not "start" on the Home page (Tools - Settings - Program
Settings), for example set it to the Account List. This is a global setting
that will affect all Money files. So, then you can open up your file and use
Tools - Settings - Home Page Display Options to remove the Investment Perf

I hope this helps others..... Microsoft should send Mark a tshirt or a new
car or something.....

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