Money 2005 Reinstall password problem



After a computer crash, I had to reinstall MS Money 2005; I had a backup from
the previous day. Each time since that I have tried to open the backup file,
it rejects my usual password, used one day before.
I've tried opening Money using the sample file; I've tried creating a self
contained installation of Money 2005 with the 1105 patch.
Nothing works.
Help! I want my 10 years of data back!
I'm working on an HP Pavilion, XP Professional.



Bob Peel

Check your serial number in Help > About. I think you will find it is
14.*.*.730. MS released a patch almost immediately for M2005 which takes it
to 14.*.*.1105. The password message is the 730 version trying to tell you
that you need the 1105 patch.


Bob Peel

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