Money 2005 very slow



I'm running M2005 standard (delivered together with works 2005).
1. When I'm starting up M2005 it takes about 10-15 sec's before my money
homepage are displayed.
2. The program is always reloading the homepage when I'm touching the mouse,
but only the first time after entering the program.
3. When I'm paying bills it takes long time before the process is done, to
be more specific it seems that transferring between accounts are very slow,
paying bills to "external" payees is slow but not so slow as transferring.

A conclusion are that over all it is vewry bad performance. I have archived
my DB so everythin older than 2002 is archived, I have tried to repair DB, I
have defraged the disk .. ..
My computer is only 2 months old, Pentium 4, 3.2 Mhz 1 GB Ram

Please advice what to do.
Rgrds Micke



Bob Peel MVP

I am afraid that you are not the only one to notice this. Part of the
problem seems to be that when you load Money it immediately goes on line to
update currency exchange rates and share prices. You could try cutting down
your home page to the absolute minimum of information - certainly removing
anything to do with Investing.

By the way Archiving was probably a bad move. It doesn't do what you think
and has zero effect on performance. See
and the quoted MSKB articles.



The Engineer

I also assume this is the reason why Synchronising with MSN Money takes so
long? I don't have any MSN Money based accounts or other items that I have
setup that it should sync with. Otherwise it can take up to five minutes
before I get the final update completed screen. This is using a 3Ghz P4 and a
512K broadband connection, so it is not a hardware/data link issue.

Why also, when I select update accounts, does it show the previous updates
have failed (review results) when they, to all appearances, haven't?

When oh when, are the UK FI's going to wake up and smell the coffee, to the
benefits of integrating their services with MS Money use? You only have to
look at Intelligent Finance's web site, to se how dumb banking can be,
compared with Nationwide, as an example.


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