Money 2006 and Money for PPC



I am a long term user of Microsoft Money and Money for PPC. I recently
upgraded to Money 2006 and subsequently upgraded my money for ppc to
2006. From then on my money for ppc doesn's seem to synchronize with
the desktop money. Whenever i try to synchronize by clicking the check
box beside Microsoft Money in the options dialog box of Active sync I
get the message "Attention required". When I disconnect and
re-connect, the money option is removed automatically by active sync
and only the other catagories sync. One website adviced me to repair
my money file and I did but without any effect. I have installed money
for ppc in main memory and not in the storage card. I have Windows
mobile 2003 SE running on my i-mate Jam and ActiveSync 3.8 on my
Windows XP desktop with Money 2006 Deluxe. In case anyone knows why
this happen you may very well reply to my e-mail address.


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