Money 2006 Crashes Opening Calendar



I have been using Microsot Money for years. Upgrading to next version
almost every year.
I have been using Money 2004 Deluxe for a while. It works great.
I tried upgrading to Money 2006 Deluxe ... everything works except when
I try to open the Calendar. I get the message "Microsoft Money has
encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the
I tried a lot of different things (repairing the file many times, which
shows no errors or no corruption or no broken records).
I also just tried to go from 2004 to 2005. This actually works ... so I
am now using Money 2005 Standard. However going from 2005 to 2006 shows
the same problem! All teh data and everything works in 2006, except
opening the calendar, it crashes Money.
Contacting Microsoft support gave me a few options (like exporting all
my accounts in QIF and re-importing all accounts at once in 2006) but
was not able to find or identify what the problem is exactly. I don't
want to "lose" the setup for all my loans and mortgages ...and so on
(because those are not accounts, I would lose them by doing the QIF
export import routine).

If anybody could direct me to a possible solution to fix this calendar
opening issue, it woudl be great.
Thank you in advance for you assistance and your time.


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