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I just recently upgraded to Money 2007 Deluxe from Money 2004 and found one
of my favorite functions had been removed: the ability to highlight multiple
bills at once to see how those bills would affect my cash flow. In other
words, I could highlight all the bills due during a pay period to see how
much money I'd have left over after paying those bills.

In Money 2007 it appears as though this functionality has been removed.
This seems like a very simple "bug" to fix.

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Dick Watson

Microsoft has been trying, inadvertently and otherwise, to get rid of this
feature since <02. I'd start trying to get with Forecast Cash Flow. For some
reason, they Really Don't Like this feature.


Yeah, I know about the Forecast Cash Flow feature, but that feature makes
some assumptions and pulls in historical items that might not be applicable
for the time period I'm trying to analyze.

While the capabilities I'm referring to in my original post are pretty
mundane (and also easy for MicroSoft to support), it was something quick and
easy that I could use to analyze cash flow--and I used it a lot. Therefore,
it would seem to me that it would be in MicroSoft's best interest just to
leave it in. I'm sure I'm not the only person that misses this "feature".

Dick Watson

I'm also sure you are not the only person missing that feature. But it
doesn't seem to matter. The feature keeps disappearing and/or being broken
and may never come back this time.

You may be able to configure FCF for better behavior in the FCF Settings
page. There you can control things like use of trending/budgeting or not.


He is correct this was remove from money 2004 and later versions it is only
avaible for online bills now

Marilyn & Bob

While the feature seem pretty mundane, I believe, that it didn't always work
correctly and caused a number of support calls to try to fix the problems.
As is often the case with features with (even minimal) bugs, MS chooses to
eliminate instead of fixing them. Remember the Money Express notification
in the systray that has disappeared? That is what I think happened with the
cash flow feature in bills.

Note that you can get what you want for most payments (except for Direct
Debits). Putting a checkmark in the Pay On Line box will show your balance
after payment. Unfortunately, there is no such box for deposits, so you can
only get your subtractions and not your additions.



Chris Cowles

Generally, only if you're using past trends. Don't. Instead, create an
accurate budget. Between an accurate budget and accurate scheduled
payments, you can get a very good picture of future cash flow.


The Money Express notification feature is gone in newer versions of Money?
There's no upcoming bill notification functionality without opening Money??

That would be yet another disappointment. I'm a Money 2002 user and I keep
seeing reasons to NOT upgrade. I'm even trying out Quicken right now, but
only because Microsoft appears to treat Money as a relatively low priority
application (meaning low profitablity).

Dick Watson

Yup. It was broken in M03, broken worse in M04, and "improved" out of
existence in M05.


Sorry to take the thread on a tangent. I rely heavily on upcoming bill
notification in Money 2002 to alert me of bills that are due. Otherwise we
have to open Money every day to check or use some third pary application for
reminders! Things like this make me wonder if Microsoft wants out and is
trying to kill Money on purpose...

Dick Watson

I've wondered that for many versions now. They claim "Most users prefer(tm)"
that Money progressively do less and less in more obscure and useless ways.
Go figure.




I also miss this feature. I don't pay bills through a supported service so
I can't multi-select using "Pay Online" either. I went to Quicken because
of this simple think I grew to depend on for on the fly forecasts.


I'm with you, packrfan4! That was one of the most convenient features of
M07. Had an online tech support session a couple of months ago about this
very feature and was told that it was discontinued after 2004,but that it may
be included in upgrades in the future. When I asked if I would then have to
pay for an upgrade that would include this feature, I was told that yes, I
would. The suggestion was made that I e-mail Money research and development
or whomever about coming up w/ a patch or update or something to include this
in M07. I'm very tempted to go back to M04. There are several other things
about 07 that are ticking me off as well, but they deserve a separate post
where I can list them all! I am VERY glad that I am not the only one who
misses this feature. The forecast cash flow is too inconvenient. I want to
see a list of the bills I have to pay and my income where I can highlight ALL
of the ones I HAVE to pay and my income and see how it will affect my balance.




Yes, I hate this new version because of it. I hated when they removed the
capability to look forward 90 days or more, now they have made it useless to
me and I'll go back to Quicken again. Unfortunately, I seem to remember this
being the reason I left Quicken for Money several years ago.

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