Money 98 is not calculating "sells" correctly



Another new issue for me. I have recently rebalanced my
portfolio and have completely sold off all shares in a
number of mutual funds to reinvest them elsewhere.

Money 98 is showing, in three of my funds, significant
losses that are not real. For example, in one fund, I
initially invested slightly more than $35K. Over the last
13 months it spun off dividends that I reinvested that
exceeded $1900. I entered those dividends on a monthly
basis as a reinvest dividend activity. I sold all my
shares for almost $36K with a resulting long-term loss of
over $1100 according to the statement from the fund.
However, when I entered the number of shares and price and
indicated the type of activity (sell), Money, in the
Performance view, shows a loss of over $72K which really
messes up the % gain and the annual % return calculations.

What have I done wrong? Any thoughts would be



Clint O'Connor

this sounds like a problem I had with the trial version (and I haven't
decided whether to buy because of it)... check your sells in your Cash
Transactions - they should be in the Deposits column. If they are in the
Payments column, it makes your loss big and screws up everything.

Mine were fine until one day they all moved over to the Payments column. No
reason for it but it appears to have something to do with the reconciliation
after you connect to your broker online. I restored from an earlier backup
and continued and noticed they all moved back over again. After that, I
marked them as Reconciled and they don't suddenly switch.

Does yours sound like that?


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