Money Express 2004 Not Working With Windows 2000?


Alan Boritz

I've got Money Express configured to start with Windows 2000, the icon shows up
in the task bar, but it's not doing anything. Every time I open Money 2004 I see
that none of the accounts have been updated since the last time I ran Money,
even though I've got Money (and Money Express) configured to update daily on all
accounts, and stock quotes every 15 minutes.

This machine has been running about a week since the last boot, but the only
time Money Express alerted me to a payment due (and there's a bunch) was after
running Money 2004 (the main application) at least once (icon is flashing red

Unattended updates was an advertised feature for Money 2004, and was positioned
as a differentiator between Money and Quicken (Quicken can only download quotes
a maximum of once per day by itself). Is this major feature broken in this
version of Money?


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