Money has encountered a problem and needs to close (when i launch it !)



Hello people from today when i launch my mony 2004 small business

he say Money has encountered a problem and needs to close !!

damn the first thing what i have think it a problem with the file (mny) but
it seem not !!

so i have delete the money and réinstall it but its not work !! please help
me !!

thx a lot...




Damn i see on a website this command to tape in the command (or run)

regsvr32 msxml3.dll

and it's work !! but every time when i launch my computer i need to tape
these command

regsvr32 msxml3.dll (for money)
regsvr32 inetcomm.dll (and this for outllok)

What the fuc... wrong with my regsvr32 ???

please help me !!


It may be that something on your system is not allowing the Registry changes
to stick.
For example, some anti-virus or "security" program may be protecting or
reverting Windows Registry, so that the changes to the Registry made via the
regsvr32 commands don't stick when you reboot.





I have recently installed Money 2004 Deluxe on a brand
new PC running WinXP. I have installed and uninstalled
several times and I cannot get the program to run as I
get the same error window "Money has encountered a
problem and needs to close"

I cannot open Money at all. Please, please, please post a
reply that might help solve this problem.

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