Money is Already Running



Quite often when I go to start Money I get an error telling me that it is
already running. I had opened Money earlier in my Windows session but had
closesd it. The only way I can re-open Money is to stop two processes in
Task Manager related to Money.

Anyone else experience this and what gives?



Bob Peel, MVP

There is a process(es) that under certain circumstances (unknown) won't die
in a timely manner.

I do know that MS are aware but are having trouble pinning down the exact




I have found (in 2006) that if you don't switch to another program while
Money shuts down, it won't do this. At least on my machine. I hit the
close box and I don't touch anything until it finishes the backup and
completely closes. If you alt-tab away or something like that, it will stay
in memory.


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