Money Plus version for Europe



I'm still running the 2005 Deluxe version in the Netherlands, but I want to
upgrade to the latest version?

Is this possible with the Plus version and or should I shift to another brand?

B.r Bart



Glyn Simpson, MVP

It is possible to use Money Plus in Europe, however getting hold of it may
be difficult because it is not sold over here. It's unlikely you'll get any
support either.

It works with one-way (OFX banks) but unless you have a US/Canadian bank,
you won't get full 2-way synchronization. The tax stuff isn't much use for
us over here either.

Glyn Simpson, Microsoft MVP - Money

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Will Microsoft offer in the end a European version at all?


Marilyn & Bob

Money versions are localized, so you will not be able to use your existing
data file on any US version. Nor will you be able to import your Money data
file into Quicken. So, if you want to keep your existing data, you need to
keep your existing Money 2005. Given the fact that there is very little
improvement, I don't see why you would want a newer version anyway. US
versions over two or three years old will no longer download banking and
investment data, so the "upgrade" is required if you want to keep those
services. But since that is not the case in Europe, be happy with your 2005


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