Money runs slowly


Bruce Beard

Hi folks - can anyone help with this one?

This doesn't APPEAR(?) to be the "Money runs unexpectedly
slowly after upgrading to M2002 or M2003" problem
described on the Money UK support site.

I HAVE upgraded from M2001 Standard to M2002 P & B, and
yes it did run noticeably slower but it was no real

Now, after about three months use, a delay has appeared
when entering transactions into account registers.
After pressing "Enter" the hour-glass appears and hangs
around for about half a minute - then the transaction is
completed OK.

This is a REAL drag because it takes a l-o-n-g time to
process even a few transactions!




Glyn Simpson, MVP

Turn off the graphing at the base of the account register window. This is
redrawn each time a transaction is made to calculate the cash flow. You
should be able to remove by right clickign on it.

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